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Yes, everyone says that. But we really do, and it shows not only in our work but also in the number of referrals our past and current clients send our way. Fact: Nearly 100 percent of our new business comes from referrals, and 21 percent of recent business came from Twitter connections!

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We are passionate about the work we do and pride ourselves on partnering with equally passionate companies. Recently, we polled our team to see — in addition to our current clients — which companies we admire and would LOVE to work with every day. We call it our We ♥ List. We’ve chosen these companies for a lot of different reasons. These are companies whose values mirror our own. Their innovative products enhance our lives. Their cultures inspire us.

Which companies do we rave about and would LOVE to show our PR prowess? Check out our list on the right to learn why the Arment Dietrich team is so enamored. And, if you're one of the companies, we’d obviously LOVE to hear from you.

Pita Pit


Because no other pita place measures up and we’d like to help grow their franchise units so our east coast office staff can get some Pita Pit in Manhattan.

Twitter…or Facebook…or LinkedIn

http://www.Twitter.com/; http://www.Facebook.com/; http://www.Linkedin.com/

As much as we’re using, talking about and training on social media and the three top social media sites and tools, shouldn’t we just make it official?



From sustainability (reducing water usage in manufacturing to water harvesting in India, naming just two efforts)  to corporate giving and community initiatives, we admire Unilever. It’s about as simple as that.

Sonic Drive-In


Have you ever had one of their signature limeades on a hot summer day? Even better, they are half-price many afternoons. We say no more…wait, one more: Where else can you actually get “tots” other than from a bag in your grocer’s freezer?



Home Staging is quite the trend but this company takes it a HUGE step beyond the norm.  They actually connect people who need a place to live with real estate agents who have empty homes for sale. The stats say a staged home sells 2-3 times faster than an unstaged home.  Those number skyrocket when you compare staged AND lived-in homes with empty homes.  Clever and profitable concept!



We have a pretty serious company crush on Google and all they do. There’s no bones about it. We heart them…and most likely spend more time using Google than our CEO would appreciate. And the new Google Wave will rock the world as we now know it.

Jelly Belly


We don’t only pick our favorite Jelly Belly flavors out of our assorted box, we also pick them as our newest We Heart List addition. We heart the variety Jelly Belly brings to our snack time.

Children’s Memorial Hospital


Children’s Memorial was ranked as Illinois’ top pediatric hospital and one of the nation’s best by the U.S. News & World Report. They bring professionalism and understanding to ailing children in a calm and caring manner. They have a great events team that does an exceptional job not only raising funds, but raising awareness.  We love the idea of working for something with such an outstanding reputation.



It’s our afternoon caffeine-fix of choice. We have enough Coke and Diet Coke cans in our office to build a replica Sears Tower, oops Willis Tower, in the lobby. We not only heart Coca-Cola…it keeps us from hitting that 3:00 p.m. wall. We’ve even blogged about their new pioneering thought-process.

Food Network


OK, it’s obvious we love food in our offices. And, Food Network has done for cooking what Michael Jordan did for the NBA. AND, we love their new magazine!